"The start of a good thing"

Posted by Martin Cahnbley on

Leonard Cohen is playing on vinyl (of course) in the background of the shop as I write this. Musing and people watching out of our large windows peering out onto the slightly damp but people-filled historic street that is O'Connell Street.

We are now nearing the end of week 7 at our new home. The flourish of excitement has not died down on our front or the customer front and I don't expect it will for a long time (hopefully it never will). We are incredibly grateful for all of the love and support that we are getting from friends, loyal customers and fresh faces alike. 

The title to today's musing is a quote from one of my new regular customers. He, like so many, have picked up what a difference a local wine merchant makes to wine. To have someone that can guide you to the best wine choice for you, not for me or for anyone else but for YOU. In one of our many conversations, thus far, he mentioned that he was always interested in wine and has always drunk wine but has never been excited about it until now. Until he found a friend (dare I say it) in wine that could guide him through the world of wine.

I keep saying to our customers that this shop is a place not just for wine and spirits to take home but also to explore the world through it's liquid history and range of flavours. First and foremost it is a place for banter. Many people wonder why there are chairs around our large dining-table-of-a-counter, simply put it it is because we wish to have conversations with you about wines or spirits.

It is about sharing stories and our passion as well as learning about your stories and experiences in wine. That is what it is all about, now and forever.

We're working hard on the plans for downstairs and our fine wine room. Both of which will be starting their respective renovations in the next week or so, ready for the end of September. 

Watch this space friends! And keep warm!


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