Clearview Estate

Purchased in 1986, the neglected but historic Vidal's No.2 Vineyard at Te Awanga, Hawke’s Bay was set to become Clearview Estate.  Tim Turvey with business partner Helma van den Berg took on the challenge of bringing it back to life.  Together they hand grafted and planted the first vines in the winter of 1988.  Clearview Estate Winery Ltd was established for the first red wine vintage in 1989, following some experimentation in prior years.  Chardonnay began in 1991 with the release of the first Reserve Chardonnay.  

Over the next several years, Tim and Helma went on to plant thousands of trees including avocado, olive, bay, citrus, gums, and melia.  And they didn't stop there.  Together they expanded the vineyard by three acres each year, grafting and planting vines, ramming posts, running wires, training young vines, and for many years completing all of the pruning themselves.