The Clemens Busch story, at least for the purposes of our selection, is essentially a story centred on the Pündericher Marienburg Grosse Lage (Grand Cru vineyard). Rita and Clemens Busch own 15 Ha of vineyard on the banks of the Mosel opposite their home village of Pünderich at the start of the Terrassenmosel, the vast majority of which is located in the south- south east facing Marienburg. This is a relatively sizeable vineyard, which was reduced in size a little when the Busch family joined the VDP. Prior to the new winemaking laws of the 1970s, this area was comprised of many small individual vineyard sites. The individual names of the sites had their justifications, due to the different wines they yielded.” Differing slate soils and unique micro-climates play a large role in winemaking. In order to differentiate the Marienburg's individual plots, the Busch family has used the corresponding historical names to describe the individual wines such as: Fahrlay, Falkenlay, Raffes, and Rothenpfad. The Marienburg vineyard has been farmed organically since 1986, and biodynamically since 2005. It is predominantly composed of grey slate, although there are plots of blue and red slate present.