Corrado Tonelli

The Corrado Tonelli Farm was established in 1994, thanks to the wine culture that was handed down from father to son in the family. The most representative product of the company is Visner , a wine made from a second fermentation and flavored with wild sour cherry (Prunus Cerasus).

In the peasant language, on the other hand, this product is known as " visciola wine ": a typical resource of the Marche region, always produced in the municipalities of Cagli, Cantiano, Pergola and Jesi, with recipes handed down from father to son. Prunus Cerasus is a plant that grows spontaneously and wildly in the hilly and mountainous terrain of the Marche.

It had almost disappeared, but for some years now, thanks to the rediscovery and marketing of the “visciola wine” made by Mr. Corrado Tonelli starting from 1994, it has once again become part of the Alte Marche crop. Production of Visner begins in June, when the fruits of Prunus Cerasus reach maturity.