Ernesto Catena

We believe in wine – manly or energetic, red, white, reckless or reflective – as a profound cultural fact. A philosophy that surpasses the cup of concupiscent beauty and untamed land.

We believe in a wine that awakens hearts and ennobles the spirit. The personal and the collective spirit that intertwines with the land that gives life to the vine, that gives us life. We believe, therefore, that our farms are a living organism that needs balance and harmony.

We believe in accompaniment more than in intervention, professing biodynamic as the basis of our wine cosmology through its balance that reaches the root, the leaf, the fruit and the environment, intact, imperturbable.

We believe in making wines as if we were painting a picture or composing a song. We adhere to the creation from the man-earth communion, exegesis of the divinity present in the vine.

We believe in our roots and in returning to them, and embracing them, creating a new tradition, ours, timeless and personal, alien to the vortex and absolutely present. We believe man is at the same time an artist and witness, who with passion and work surrenders his hands in offering and gives us the wine and its delight.

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