Hayman's London Dry Gin is the culmination of Christopher Hayman's 40 years’ involvement in the distillation of Gin. A premium classic style of London Dry Gin created by Hayman Distillers, who are the oldest gin distilling family in the UK. Christopher Hayman inherited his passion of gin distilling from his great grandfather, James Burrough, who created Beefeater Gin in the 1800s.

Christopher controlled the distillation of Beefeater Gin for 20 years until the late 1980s. He is one of the most experienced "Gin Masters" in the trade having been involved in the recipes and distillations of many gins over the years. Hayman's London Dry Gin reflects Christopher's belief that the traditional style of gin is still the finest example of London Dry Gin, which is designed to be used with both the traditional and contemporary gin drinks.