JMR Cocktails

J.M.R Cocktail & Co is a New Zealand company founded by Amy Alexander and Jonny McKenzie; hospitality professionals and seasoned travellers, who want you to enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail anywhere.

Canadian-born (but calling NZ home for the past 12+ years), Amy earned her stripes in the hospitality scene managing bars, restaurants, events and liquor sales, working with some of the largest brands across the globe. From intimate cocktail occasions, to large-scale luxury events – Amy has been party to it all. With her years of experience and knowledge of most-things-alcoholic, it’s safe to say she knows her stuff.

Wellington born-and-raised, Jonny is a bit of an icon in the bar and cocktail scene (note: he didn’t write this about himself). The mastermind behind some of the country's highly regarded cocktail bars – Jonny is a man of many talents. He has worked across all different sectors of the industry, from polishing glasses to owning multiple hospitality businesses.

Classic and always consistent, J.M.R Cocktail & Co cocktails are hand crafted to maintain the quality of a perfectly mixed drink, combined with the convenience of its 100ml pre-bottled glass packaging.