Libiamo represents the next generation for the Millton family, in particular their children Sam and Monique, and how we as this generation now look for something that is completely un-manipulated and doesn’t leave a debt or burden on the planet. The Milltons are endlessly committed to improvement, always looking for ways to push themselves and others and without question should be credited as being one of the most important catalysts for change in the New Zealand wine industry.

Just as we have seen with the prevalence of skin-fermented white wines since the release of the first Libiamo wine nearly five years ago, it’s important to remember that these wines are from the oldest biodynamic dry-farmed vines in the country, made only from estate-grown fruit, produced entirely on site, and are from one of New Zealand’s few true artisan winegrowers/vignerons (that is, someone who farms their own grapes and makes their own wines).