Lobban Wines

Pamela Geddes is the owner and winemaker of Lobban Wines, is a small specialty wine producer based in Catalonia, the autonomous region in northeast Spain. The key product is a divine sparkling red wine - La Pamelita. We also produce a sparkling Rosé - La Rosita and a still red - el gordito. Wines are handcrafted from purchased grapes. We have long-term contract with our friends/grape-growers. Pamela started her career in the Scotch Whisky industry before a stint in winemaking at Seppelt's Great Western (Australia) where she became enamoured with the Sparkling Burgundy style of sparkling red. She makes wine in Chile and for various wineries in Spain. Hence, she is a "flying" winemaker - one of the most well travelled in the world.

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