The small 7.5 hectares vineyard, nestled in the tiny township of Eraville in Grande Champagne, produces Cognac since 1730.

Jean-Luc and his wife, Marie-Fancoise, worked their grapevines conventionally for 22 years, until some of the vines began to show signs of poor health. It just so happened that during that same year, 1994, they learned about and were attracted by the precepts of organic agriculture. Convinced by a year of trials, they began using organic practices troughtout the vineyard the next year and in 1998 were granted the "Agriculture Biologique" French organic label.

Five years later, their first all-organic Cognac, l'Organic VS "Terroir", came out and just two years later, the l'Organic VSOP followed suit. In the early part of the 2000's, with the new way of cultivating the vines came novel ideas for before-dinner and dessert drinks: the Raisignac and the Marie-Framboise.

Pasquet - 4YO Cognac

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