Wild Brumby

The Wildbrumby story begins with both skiing and schnapps – that quintessential tipple from the Alpine region of Europe.

Wildbrumby founder, Brad Spalding grew up in the NSW & Victorian fruit belt, as the son of a fruit and vegetable merchant and publican. He began working as a ski instructor at age 15 in the Victorian alps and went on to become director of the Thredbo Snow Sports School.

Monika’s grandfather, Stephen Hagleitner, had been distilling schnapps long before the couple were born.

Enchanted by this rich distilling heritage, Brad studied the traditional methods with a dream to one day introduce authentic schnapps to Australia’s Snowy region.

With its pure mountain water and rolling green hills, they judged the breath-taking Thredbo Valley the most fitting location to deliver home-grown schnapps to Australian alpine enthusiasts pining for a taste of European culture.

With no local distilling equipment available, they imported an Ulrich Kothe still from Germany, and in 2005, opened the doors to the Wildbrumby Distillery.