Godelia Godello 2020

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"Its aroma includes floral and fruity notes with together delicate mineral nuances provided by the local ground character. The palate is fresh and creamy with a soft, silky and lingering tasting finish."  From 60+ year old vines.  It spends 5 months on its yeast lees, developing a lovely texture and creaminess.  This is a field blend of Godello and Doña Blanca grapes. 

--------THE PRODUCER--------

Bodegas Godelia

Bodegas Godelia is located in El Bierzo, a unique landscape and exceptional environment for winemaking. Located in the northwest of Spain, El Bierzo is a region surrounded by mountains that forms a large valley cut through by the Sil River, with a wide array of soils and orientations in its vineyards. The richness of the soil, combined with the age of the vineyard, makes it a unique place to produce high quality wines.

Right on the Camino de Santiago, the winery is located on your route through El Bierzo. Literally. The French Way of Saint James goes past our front door. It is the exact point where the countdown to the last 200 km begins and the pilgrim’s final stage before arriving in Galicia. At the winery we are delighted to accompany you on this journey. This is not by chance, since El Camino brought with it a legacy to which the winery wants to pay tribute. This special location in El Bierzo has given the winery the self-satisfaction of carefully growing the native grape varieties: Mencía, Godello, and Doña Blanca. Our aim is always to transmit terroir, sensitivity, and elegance in our wines.

Godelia’s great virtue lies in the fact that it was born as a passion at the end of 2009. It is a love for nature that led the García Rodríguez family, the founders of the winery, to give an outlet to their enthusiasm for viticulture in El Bierzo. It is a dream come true, a winery in El Bierzo that creates value and a future for the region, a legacy through its wines. It’s about not being satisfied until you create a masterpiece, with a healthy amount of excitement, dedication, and effort. All this, to achieve excellence.


--------THE GRAPE--------

Godello and Doña Blanca

Godello is a white grape varietal from northwest Spain. It makes crisp and refreshing white wines with lots of citrus and green fruit flavours. It is the perfect white wine to drink on a hot day.  Doña Blanca is often planted amongst the Godello vines in this region and adds extra complexity to this field blend.


--------THE REGION--------


Bierzo is in the northeast of Spain. It has is quite a young wine producing region, as far as Spain is concerned, only gaining legal appellation status in 1989. It is a region that is neither too cool or too hot, like the most of Spain, and produces mainly red wines. These red wines are made from the Mencia grape variety which is similar to Cabernet Franc.


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