Unison Vineyards - 'Reserve' Merlot 2010

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"With its inviting aromas of dark cherry and plum along with violet and chocolate notes and a touch of spice and warm leather this red wine is a true expression of classic Unison. Lively flavours of bright red and black fruits and spice flow across the palate with fine tannins giving depth and length.


--------THE PRODUCER--------

Unison Vineyards

Unison Vineyards is the pioneers of the Gimblett Gravels region of Hawkes Bay planting back in 1993 – back before it was designated to be the winemaking hotspot of the country. Now it is managed by Philip and Terry Horn who have continued the success of the stellar winery and stay true to the initial inspiration for the vineyard. It was the free-draining gravel soils that the founders of the vineyard were so attracted to in the Gimblett Gravels.  They had made wine in Tuscany for many years and knew just how crucial the soils were to Chianti’s success.


--------THE GRAPE--------


This is the the second most famous red variety from the famous Bordeaux region. Often blended to Cabernet Sauvignon to soften that variety and fill the mid-palate.  This wine, from the wonderful 2013 vintage, is drinking very well now and is showing structure and complexity which is quite rare in a wine made 100% from this variety.

--------THE REGION--------

The Hawke's Bay

Sunny Hawkes Bay is along the eastern coast of New Zealand's north island. It is here where some of the most fruit-forward wines come from. They are known for their tropical Chardonnays and their juicy reds from the excellent Bordeaux wines to the peppery Syrahs. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review