B Vintners 'de Alexandria' Muscat 2018

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"A fantastic wine from one of the rising stars in South Africa's wine scene. It is a pure Muscat wine that has spent a bit of time on skins to give it some real body and character. That classic grape note runs throughout this wine but there is also lime sherbet, apple juice and lemon blossom. I love the soft florals here as they just speak of spring."


--------THE PRODUCER--------

B Vintners

B Vintners is one of the most exciting projects that are fuelling the gossips of the wine scene in South Africa at the moment. A project started up by the cousins; Gavin Bruwer and Bruwer Raats. Their focus is to show off the diversity of vines, grapes, and wines that are possible throughout South Africa. Essentially it is a collaboration that celebrates the lesser known - which makes it right up our alley!


--------THE GRAPE--------


Muscat or Moscato, whichever you prefer, is the highly aromatic white grape varietal behind some of the most iconic wines of Europe. It can be either dry or lusciously sweet in Alsace, France where it is one of the 'noble grapes' or it can be a fortified sweet wine in the region of Beaumes de Venise. Or in Italy as the fizzy and sweet Moscato d'Asti. However, on the opposite side of the world in Australia it is best known for the maderised fortified wines of Rutherglen which taste like cooked peaches and date loaf. 


--------THE REGION--------

Western Cape

The Western Cape is similar to Australia's 'South Australia' region - in the ways that it is a legal region that allows for the wineries to source fruit from all of the sub-regions within the larger region. The larger region in this case is: 'Western Cape', and all the sub-regions cover every main growing area in South Africa.

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