A Tribute to Grace 'Besson' Grenache 2014

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"A brilliant Grenache with brooding dark plums, raspberry and wild strawberry on the nose. It has an excellent baking spice and dried herb aspect to it, especially as it opens up. The palate is soft and juicy with a decent tannic structure."


--------THE PRODUCER--------

A Tribute to Grace

A Tribute to Grace is a winery that you need to get to know. Headed by Angela Osborne, a NZ-born winemaker who moved to California in 2006 with the dream of of making Grenache. She did plenty of research in to the perfect climates for Grenache from Spain to France to Australia where finally she decided on the Santa Barbara region of southern California. Grace is Angela's grandmother and each and every wine showcases, so well, Angela’s passion for wine and love for her family in particular her grandmother. 


--------THE GRAPE--------


Grenache is the French name, and Garnacha the Spanish, of this great red grape varietal. It is the leading grape of the wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape and many of the wines from the south of France. It is also known across Spain but most famous for being part of the red blend that makes up Rioja reds.


--------THE REGION--------


California is the United States of America's largest and most important wine region. It produces 90% of the USA's total production - with the fair majority of that being red wines. Since it is 'always sunny in California' it is the perfect region to grow red grapes that need a lot of heat to ripen up. This has lead to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and an Italian grape varietal: Primitivo (Californian's call in Zinfandel) to being the most important red grapes. Chardonnay is the leading white followed by Sauvignon Blanc.