Cardrona Distillery

The family-owned artisan Cardrona Single Malt Distillery sits high in the Cardrona Valley between Wanaka and Queenstown. The driving force behind the enterprise is Desiree Whitaker: 'Our spirits are made from scratch by traditional handcrafted methods, using only three ingredients: malted Scottish two-row barley, pure alpine water and yeast. The whisky distillation is conducted in a large, hand-beaten copper pot crafted by renowned Scottish whisky family, the Forsyths. Following the various stages of production and distillation, the whisky will be aged in oak casks for ten years.' While you're waiting, we thought you might care to sample their other very fine spirits. The Reid Single Malt Vodka is produced in the pot still using the same ingredients and process - as un-aged single malt whisky - and then distilled in two German column stills to further purify it into a uniquely rich, full-bodied vodka with intriguing malty biscuit and tropical fruit characters.

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