Felton Road - 'Bannockburn' Pinot Noir 2023

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The nose starts with typical Felton Road cues: dark roses and violets, ethereal, dancing and transparent. On the palate the first note is savoury: lovely fruits are there, but not even a ghost of New World sweetness. The tannins are firm enough to denote seriousness, but without harshness. Attractive and subtle herbal tones also play a part adding freshness and intrigue. A classic rendition from our four Bannockburn vineyards.


--------THE PRODUCER--------

Felton Road

Felton Road dates back to 1991 when Elms Vineyard was planted in Bannockburn, Central Otago. This vineyard actually is on Felton Road (where the name comes from!). The winemaker, Blair Walter, has been there since 1997 and has helped to craft some of New Zealand's most well known and respected Pinot Noirs. 


--------THE GRAPE--------

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir produces some of the world's most expensive, most lauded, rarest and delicious wines. Equally it is one of the most difficult grapes to grow successfully and as a result it is quite hard to make a balanced Pinot Noir. It is historically from Burgundy, most specifically in the Cote de Nuits, so much so that people will refer to Pinot Noir as a 'Burgundy'. Here the wines are light with an array of bright red fruit and floral flavours. 


--------THE REGION--------

Central Otago

Central Otago is one of the most southerly wine regions in the world and it is most commonly referred to as Pinot Central, in New Zealand. It has a long history of winemaking dating back to the mid 1800s and in fact a 'Burgundy' from Central Otago won a gold medal in a Sydney wine competition in 1881. A few winemakers including Alan Brady helped to craft it into a leading Pinot Noir region for the world thanks to his fruit-bombs. Many fantastic aromatic white wines excel here also.