Kumeu River - Coddington 2021

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This wine is produced from a vineyard owned by Tim and Angela Coddington, whose grapes have contributed to the blend of Kumeu River Estate Chardonnay since 1998. It is a vineyard that produces very rich and unctuous Chardonnay that we have long believed could make an excellent single vineyard wine. In 2006, we decided to give Coddington single vineyard status to reflect this vineyard’s unique character.

--------THE PRODUCER--------

Kumeu River

The Brajkovich family are one of the greatest, and founding, families of the New Zealand wine industry dating back to the 1930s. Today, the winery produces around 250,000 bottles annually from 30 hectares of its own vineyards in Kumeu, and another 10 hectares from local growers.

The Chardonnay wines of Kumeu River have gained a strong foothold within the international market, receiving outstanding accolades. The vineyard has gone on to become the globally recognised benchmark for non-Burgundy produced Chardonnay.


--------THE GRAPE--------


Chardonnay is without a doubt the most known and most widely planted white grape variety around the world. It is historically home in Burgundy where it produces a more refined, mineral and poised wines all up and down the Cote de Beaune and in Chablis.


--------THE REGION--------


Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand but there are also a range of wineries across this vast city. West Auckland is the most established with top names like Kumeu River, Westbrook and Cooper's Creek producing stunning wine; here Chardonnay is king. If you go further north to Matakana you find some interesting Italian varietals and wines that are modelled on Bordeaux Claret.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review